miercuri, 29 iunie 2011

Another autumn day in the middle of the summer

Hey everyone,
As you can see from the title of this post, today it rained again here, so the few hours I got out of the house I must of dress proper to be warm and as you see I did it. I made an outfit really casual and easy to wear with small personal touches and mosly bassed on sneakers, I even catched some sun, not much but enough for taking this photos. This is my outfit of the day and I wore it  at the mall where I did some shopping so later I could cook some Spaghetti Bolognese, one of my favourite food. I love this yellow tee because of his form and the pattern, you'll see it in future posts hopefully just for itself not with a shirt or top under.
Hopefully tomorrow will be a greater and sunnier day, I really want to try my summer pieces I bought this year. How's the weather to your town girls?

Have a great day!


And this are my Spaghetti <3

marți, 28 iunie 2011

A touch of hippie

Hey sweeties,
Another autumn like day in the middle of summer, I'm so sick of this, I wish summer could come for real. I still have dificulties when I have to dress because my autumn/winter clothes are hidden already and I want to wear skirts and dresses and tops and lots of colours. I'm so melancolic today...
Back to the post, I chosed to wear for today a pear of flare jeans that I have since the second year of highschool and I really missed to use them. As a perfect combination I chosed wedges and a boyfriend striped shirt with a touch of hippie on my head. As you see the colours are dark and sad like the weather right now. Hopefully the weather will change I will have the chance to wear all of my colorful dressing pieces.
How's the weather with you dolls?

I hope you'll enjoy your day beauties!


luni, 27 iunie 2011

What makes my day

Here are some things that brighteen up my day and make me feel inspired:

Friendship bracelets always make me feel happy and positive. 

 Boots make me feel wild and free and prepared to walk on heels as much as posible

Perfume gets my senses on and working. There's nothing more sexy than a sweet perfume. 

Red lipstick it's my every situation help, makes me feel sexy. 

Model nails are what I need to be different, to get out of the crowd. 

 Sweets, my favourite thing to smile all day, more if they have a tempting colour. Oh, I'm such a child!!!

 Bags are a girl best friend in my oppion, you can have evrything in them.

Books are my best inspiration, I live and learn from every single one of them.

P.S. Soon I will make a post with every single one of this, talking about my own collection of bracelets, lipstick, bags, books and so on. Stay tunned!


Let's return to inocence

Hey guys,
Sorry for not posting anything lately I had to finish with my exams and stuff so I could take this more serious and write daily. I missed sharing with you, but now I'm back even if the weather still tries to keep me away of making photos, cause I can barelly see it's summer, it looks like it's the end of September and the temperature are really low. Anywayz I had to get back to tights and cardigans this day.
This is a look I love and wear it a lot, with shorts and knee socks everything it's so easy to combine. I added this clasic shirt in a really dazzling colour, something between blue and green and the white cardigan and I was more than ready to go out for a walk to my grandma's house. I must tell you it was so relaxing and fun to stay there with my mum and remember about my childhood and how much crazy things I used to bo, I was such a tomboy, maybe someday I'll show you pics, but I have to scan them at first.
I hope you'll like my outfit of the day and see you tomorrow cuties!

Have a great week!!!


miercuri, 15 iunie 2011

It's play time

Hey guys,
So this is the second post I do for this journal of mine and I wanted to be something somple, funny and lovely. I've used this outfit for a walk in the park with my fience and since it was such a hot and wonderful day, I choose this denim shortalls with a simple white top and sneakers and I wanted that the accesories to be more funny and colorful so I went for this handmade necklace and bracelets.
It was fun for me to go and play in the park like a child, my fience always says that I'm such a kiddo, but I love it and I will never stop doing that. I hope you'll enjoy my outfit of the day and I will hear your feedback.
Have a crazy summery day!!!

marți, 14 iunie 2011

This is the start

Hey girls,

I tought a lot about doing or not this blog and finally with the support of my friends and family I've decided to do it. Here I will post my outfits, my traveling memories, toughts about fashion and what inspires me. I want it to be an interactive blog, where I can share my oppinions and hear yours, I believe it will be fun and interestanting at least for me.
So, my name is Julie, I'm 22 years old, I live in Romania and I am studying Journalism, but my biggest passion is fashion and all that comes with it. Hopefully this hobby will become someday real soon my full time job. More about me I will tell you on the right moment, you'll get to know me better with every post I make and the questions from you are always welcome.
Coming back to my first outfit post, I'm gonna show you more than one, cause I want this blog start to be like a presentation of my style. So enjoy seeing them and I hope you like it and comment if you want.