miercuri, 29 iunie 2011

Another autumn day in the middle of the summer

Hey everyone,
As you can see from the title of this post, today it rained again here, so the few hours I got out of the house I must of dress proper to be warm and as you see I did it. I made an outfit really casual and easy to wear with small personal touches and mosly bassed on sneakers, I even catched some sun, not much but enough for taking this photos. This is my outfit of the day and I wore it  at the mall where I did some shopping so later I could cook some Spaghetti Bolognese, one of my favourite food. I love this yellow tee because of his form and the pattern, you'll see it in future posts hopefully just for itself not with a shirt or top under.
Hopefully tomorrow will be a greater and sunnier day, I really want to try my summer pieces I bought this year. How's the weather to your town girls?

Have a great day!


And this are my Spaghetti <3

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